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Walkers Vs Rollators

Who Benefits from a Walker or Rollator?

Walkers are commonly used by the elderly population or individuals with mobility issues. A walker is useful for people who are prone to falling while walking, who tend to lose their centre of balance, or for individuals that become short of breath while walking. A walker can make everyday mobility more manageable for those with conditions such as arthritis, or osteoporosis. Even for children with mobility issues, the walker, rollator, or wheelchair can give them the independence they need to attend school or go out with their friends. Both of which are helpful for self-esteem development and independence.

What is a walker?

A walker, also referred to as a “walking aid”  is a device used by individuals who require additional support while walking. The walker encourages balance and/or stability while walking. If you or your loved one wishes to maintain walking mobility, do not require a wheelchair, but needs extra assistance, the walker is a suitable option.

What is a rollator?

A Rollator is a style of walker that is also known as the “wheeled walker”. However, rollators come equipped with three or four wheels in comparison to the basic wheeled walker which has two. The wheels on a rollator usually rotate and swivel at the user’s will providing rotation for the user. The handles often have brakes for further control and most rollators feature a padded seat and backrest to use when resting, as well as a basket or pouch for carrying personal items.Operating this kind of walker may require more restraint and control, but it’s perfect for people on the go. If your condition requires you to stop and rest often, a rollator could be a better choice for you.

What are the Different Types of Walkers?

There are a variety of walkers available, with varying designs among the different categories. The main types of walkers are:

  • The Basic Walker
  • Wheeled Walkers (Two Wheels)
  • Canes

What are the Different Types of Rollators?

There are types of rollators that meet different needs. Some of these features can be found together, within the same rollator. Consider the benefits of each, and which features will most suit your needs.

  • Height-adjustable Rollator
  • Standard Weight Rollator
  • Folding Rollator
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rollator
  • Three Wheel Rollator
  • Four Wheel Rollator
  • Handle Brakes

How do I decide which one to use?

Now, this is what you came to this article for, right? However remember it always recommended to consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before deciding which mobility device is required for your health condition, disability, or age. But here are the main questions to ask yourself.

  • If you need an aid because you cannot bear weight on one or both legs such as after a hip replacement surgery?
  • Do you need to navigate narrow indoor space?
    • In these scenarios a walker is ideal for you because of the controlled stability it offers
  • If you need a mobility aid for walking without getting fatigued or need help with balance?
  • If you need more than a cane but not a wheelchair?
    • In these scenarios a rollator is ideal for you because of the controlled stability it offers

If you need a buying guide for purchasing the right walker or rollator you can find them here:

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