The idea behind the wheelchair is simple – the chair is usually constructed with two larger wheels and two smaller wheels so that the user can self-propel the chair with their hands.

Whether you need assistance due to a temporary injury or you need to rely on the chair due to old age or a progressive condition, wheelchairs are one of the most common mobility aids available today.

Wheelchairs often feature handles so that another person can push the chair, and some wheelchairs are battery powered so that the user can control them by means of a joystick.

As you delve into the world of wheelchairs, you’ll quickly find that there are many varieties of chairs, each built for a different purpose. Transport wheelchairs are built so as to only be pushed by an assistant, while sports wheelchairs are created to be easy to quickly maneuver so that the user can participate in sports activities. Reclining wheelchairs increase user comfort and help to avoid pressure sores while standing wheelchairs provide an entirely different positioning.

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Bariatric Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair with Swing Away Footrest

This Bariatric Steel Transport Chair by Drive Medical has dual, reinforced steel cross braces and a reinforced steel frame for added support can withstand a weight of 450 lbs.

Blue Streak Wheelchair with Flip Back Desk Arms

A Mobile Masterpiece of Class… Durability and Comfort The Blue Streak Wheelchair from Drive Medical represents a new class of leading-edge mobility enhanced wheelchairs that have been engineered and structured, to not only meet, but exceed the growing demands and expectations of users who cherish independence, mobility and comfort.

Chrome Sport Wheelchair, Detachable Desk Arms, Elevating Leg Rests, 20″ Seat

$563.57 $404.69
The Chrome Sport Wheelchair Footrests by Drive Medical (with a variety of arm styles and front riggings) comes in an attractive, scratch resistant, durable, low maintenance chrome finish.

Cruiser X4 Lightweight Dual Axle Wheelchair

The Cruiser X4 is ultra-lightweight, yet extremely strong thanks to its aluminum and carbon steel frame which is specially designed to allow for custom seat backs and accessories and includes our patented adjustable-depth seat. It comes with Adjustable Detachable Arms, Desk Arms, Swing Away Footrests

Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

$350.42 $255.59

Quick Overview

  • Padded desk-length fixed armrests
  • Weighs only 14.5 lbs.
  • Folds small to 22" x 9"