Rollators are Mobility Aids for walking patients. These mobility devices are designed to provide stability and safety.

A rollator is significantly different from a walker that has four legs or a rolling walker that has 2-legs and 2 wheels. The 4-wheel rollator allows patients to quickly cover more ground than walkers allow. These mobility aids offer braking safety as well as a "parking-brake" function. Most are equipped with padded seats to allow resting at intervals. Many also have privacy storage bags that allow you to bring items along with you that are hidden from the view of others. You may select from less expensive small wheel rollators that work well indoors or from large wheel rollators that are better able to negotiate uneven terrain or bumpy sidewalks. These added features increase the velocity and distance mobility patients are able to traverse.

3-Wheel vs 4-Wheel

Three-wheel versions offer a shorter turning radius and afford easier traversing of tight spaces often encountered while indoors. 4-wheel versions, on the other hand, offer more stability and provide better support for both indoor and outdoor walking. Most 3-wheelers do not have a seat for resting while almost all the 4-wheelers have either a cushioned seat or a canvass seat. A 4-wheel rollator with seat usually has storage space located under the seat. This storage space can be a canvass bag or a basket. Most people prefer the canvass bag to maintain their privacy.

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