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DayTracker Clock

  • A tool to help us keep track and stay organized on a day-by-day basis
  • Adhesive notes temporarily tacked on its rim will alert us to special events we don’t want to miss
  • The DayTracker's size (8") clearly shows the current day of the week continuously, conveniently and at a quick glance
  • It is suitable for use on a wall or coffee table

Knife Guard

  • Guards your hand from the knife while you cut
  • It also provides greater ease and stability
  • This easy-to-use, lightweight handle attaches to the end of most knives, providing a second handle to push down on
  • Persons with arthritic hands will find cutting amazingly easy


  • A door knob cover that converts a slippery handle into one that is easier to hold and needs less effort to turn
  • Universal- use on any round handle

Lamp Switch

  • Fits over most standard lamp switches
  • Easily installed
  • 2 per package


A heavier curly shoelace. Pull through the lace holes on your shooes and never have to tie them again! Loopies stay in place, just slip your foot in and out of the shoe.

Wrap Cutter

End the frustration of trying to cut cling wrap! This simple device will do the work easily, without frustration.  The plastic cutter is attached into the cling wrap box with simple tabs that fit down into the box.  After pulling out the desired length of cling wrap, simply glide the cutter through its track to cut the wrap.  It is that easy! All of the metal parts are enclosed for safety.  The cutter can be used over and over and used with many rolls of cling wrap over its lifetime. Great for Individuals who have the use of only one hand or when dexterity is limited.