Adaptive Eating Utensils are designed to assist individuals who experience difficulty feeding themselves with standard cutlery.

Often used by people with disabilities such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, physical disabilities, poor fine-motor skills, post-stroke recovery,  or grasping difficulties. Adaptive eating utensils can be larger, bendable or weighted, have angled or foam handles to enhance grips or clips and straps that slip over the hand.

If you need assistance finding the right Adaptive Eating Aids for your needs, preferences and budget feel free to Chat with us, email us at or give call us a toll-free call at 1-844-335-8631

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These Special Eating Utensils are for anyone with arthritus or other ailment that limits their ability to grasp a fork, spoon or knife.

Fork Knife

$43.36 $27.99

Quick Overview

  • Ergonomically designed, angled handles provide good balance and make tools comfortable to grip without putting a strain on muscles and joints
  • The blade is stainless steel with small serrations measuring 4 1/2" long
  • The fork or two pronged tip is helpful for spearing items

Spoon/Fork Holder

$10.76 $6.11
  • Comfortable built-up handle improves grip
  • Slips on most standard spoons and forks with ease
  • Removable and portable
  • Dishwasher safe