Installation Of 15021BV Half Rails

1. Please note that all the hardware included in the hardware package is not needed to install the 15021BV on a Drive bariatric bed.

2. Insert one of the long carriage bolts through each side of the receiver bracket on one of the cross

3. Insert two nylon spacers on each of the carriage bolts.

4. Locate the half rail mounting bracket on the head deck of the bariatric bed.

5. Align the cross brace with the bracket on the head deck of the bed and insert the carriage bolts through the bracket.

6. Install a washer and a nut onto each carriage bolt and tighten each nut.

7. Align the slot in the end of the cross brace with the hole in the head deck of the bed.

10. Insert a half rail into each of the cross braces while pulling out the release button. Let the half rail slide all the way down and let go of the release button. Raise the half rail by pulling up on the rail until it locks into position. To lower the half rail, pull out the release button on the cross brace and lower the rail.

9. Install a washer and a nut onto this bolt and tighten. Repeat steps 2 to 10 for the other side

8. Insert one of the short carriage bolts through the slot and hole.

“T” Style Half Rails

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